The UKAP Awards 2013

April 8th, 2014


PASSWORD: yamamma247


The UKAP Awards took place last last November (2013) at Spearmint Rhino in Central London and had a lively  turn out given it was on a Monday rather than later in the week. Its relevance here is that I filmed and edited it. It didn't turn out bad considering I was called in late in the day and took it upon myself to film the event and thanks to Rio who volunteered to present it , the end result turned out better than I expected if you consider it was not even scripted, so the night was about as real as you could get impromptu.

Rio got fetish/ fashionista designer House Of Harlot to kindly donate the dress for the occasion hence why it got a screen credit. Being a member of UKAP I've often wondered why we didnt do more with the video of these events so here I am doing precisely that to see if it works. If you see some of the videos on here and want to buy them then you can do so via Your Choice. Just click this link to take you to my store store page and choose from a selection of films featured on the night.

Where was I when this girl was around???

You might have noticed that our Rio Lee has come leaps and bounds since her first foray into porn through Real Couples. Yep she debuted here on this very site and it took her another three years to decide on actually working for other companies and managed to avoid doing the very thing she did happily on her first video…Anal. I was curious to know why we were lucky to get this to which her response was, she didnt do porn for the money. She did it for fun. Thats not to say she didnt enjoy the studs she is seen with nowadays on some of her scenes done (mainly) overseas (and a few here for some companies).

Rio is definitely one of the jewels in our crown and we hope and wish to see the day she works that red carpet for the AVN which was her  motive to present the video on the night. She would have done the award presenting on stage too but that was already arranged by the organiser  already with Sarah Kelly and Sofia Rae.

I deliberately took a back seat by not submitting Real Couples for the award since I didnt win anything last year I took it as a hint that I'm a bit played out now and that should clear the way for new talent to shine since I've been doing it for over 10 years already and used to winning more than one award per event so I'm damned either way if I win as it looks like the event are favouring me because I'm a member of the association. Contrary to what some people think about these events, UKAP is the only award that is decided by judges on the merits of the product submitted rather than by the sponsors of the event, so to win a UKAP award was like being given the nod of approval and pat on the back of acceptance by ones peers rather than like buying your award to make it worth turning up on the night like some events I could mention….but wont

All in all it was a fun night  with fun people and this video should give you some insight to what its like at these events now UKAP has relaxed its policy to include the public. For years the girls threatened not to turn up because of  incidents with wandering hands and alcohol fuelled advances from men  who thought the girls were game on by virtue of being porn stars meaning, they must be bang up for  with anyone right? WRONG! Thats just the illusion stupid blokes have bought into.

That aside, the fans that turned out were largely decent and courteous if not a bit star struck on occasion to meet the stars of their wrist action fantasies in the flesh. Or maybe it had as much to do with the establishment we were at providing security.  If this one was pretty good we hope 2014 is better. If it looks like the same people always winning then that should be the benchmark for UK producers to aspire to be better than next year and to be fair ther has been a lot of upheaval facing the adult business that changed the landscape a bit but I wont ruin your fun going into it. Sit back and enjoy the video above and dont forget, if you see a DVD or few you like you can click on this link to take you straight to that page and you can buy them off site.

Episode 236: Noemy & Vinny

April 7th, 2014

Swingers and friends with benefits. Thats Noemy and Vinny here

For a new update to a site this scene was shot in 2012…Seems a while ago but thats how far ahead I was back then.  I was so busy juggling couples that I was ready to go if one scheduled for a shoot on the day blew me out as was the case this day that Noemy and Vinny were available at short notice. Now you might recognise the distinguished Mr Bones from earlier videos when he was with his (now ex) partner Donna who since split up (not amicably is about as much as I can let on) and he's been freewheeling ever since. He doesnt need to settle down having made plenty of friends  from the time him and Donna used to swing that he can have sex  at a moments notice as Noemy puts it, “they know each other” so she feels comfortable with him. Theres no emotional baggage just good  stress free sex but Vinny is a bit of a prankster and likes to have a little pop at Noemys  ex husband for being a couple inches short in the trouser department.

I'm sure Noemy winced in disapproval but it didnt get in the way of their fun and what they show is good friends having a good time  as it should be, casual  and guilt free. After they were done , Vinny had to high tail it back home to the north and left me feeling happy that I didnt come all this way to leave empty handed. Theres always a risk of that but with guys like Vinny and his swinger lifestyle you can bet if he did fail it would be for a darned good reason but check out their interaction in the scene, it was great. Just like a couple of buddies would be, constantly having a friendly pop at each others expense, casual friendly chat and Vinny decided he was going to get one back on me by turning the camera on me for a change and interviewing me. Yeah I just rolled with it but prepare top see me getting grilled for a change.

Better than being spit roasted :-)

Vinnys had a few swinging adventures on Real Couples in the past. Both times with Donna, once with Lady Josephine and another couple, Linda & Paul  for some wife swapping. Yes folks it really does go on and here you will see the real deal.

The Naked Truth Podcast

April 1st, 2014

Im reckoning people are wondering what the hell is going on with me recently getting all involved in campaigns and doing things not necessarily Real Couples oriented…But its all related that's the point. I do feel Ive become some kind of political activist doing all this outside stuff but the truth is, it needs to be done. There are forces at work trying to shut us down from enjoying adult activities like porn and other related adult services. You might have noticed this a lot in the media with the anti orn contngent bangng on about the potection of children, human trafficking and all kinds of dark things going on that is criminal and not to be confused with what you sit in your armchair with a remote control bashing one out before you turn in for the night.

This new podcast show was born out of Sex & Censorships Demo against Stop Porn Culture, the event that took place between anti porn campaigner Gail Dines and OBJECT on Saturday March 15th which had a better than expected turn out with porn stars joining forces with other sex workers from strippers, to prostitutes to correct the anti porn propaganda demonising our business.

I shot the video of the event and bagged a few audio recordings to keep the momentum going beyond the day, then it occurred to me that on the run up to the event, a lot of the negative things said about our business was not just out of the blue but because a lot of people know nothing about the porn business if they think all that it takes to qualify getting in is to be abused, trafficked and other negative stuff

Contrary to popular belief there are some who actually enjoy escorting or at the very least motivated by the money they earn doing so.

The point of The Naked Truth Podcast is to explore, discuss and teach those who do not know about the sex business in that it will offer some insight and gain some understanding and tolerance towards the sex business and those who work in it.

It may make no difference in changing peoples opinions towards it but at least they can be forearmed with the knowledge to realise they can actually talk with us instead of down to us on matters that require understanding and change.

Remaining silent on issues regarding the adult business where censorship and control is not a remedy to a problem that is becoming worse as various agents of government bodies and pressure groups use porn as a soft target to further their own questionable agendas.

I say soft target because, until Saturday March 15th the adult business would have remained quiet as Gail Dines and Stop Porn Culture dominated the media with their rhetoric and have the upper hand in influencing public opinion that the sex business is indeed this bad place that needs to be reigned in and controlled by being taxed and regulated by people who are doing nothing but making money for a service that does nothing for what it is charged to do: protecting children from accessing porn. My views is that resources are put to better use by educating the parents to using parental controls but this seems not to be enough by those who prefer to make a business by making money out of the adult business than do anything about the problem.

Of all the people I saw at the event it was nice to see Renee Richards who spearheaded the event more than anything. When got the call I was peachy keen to get involved but Renee had left the business since 2008 so when I asked of her motives and her explanation was similar to mine I took it upon myself to film the event. Renee believes as I do that the business has been good to us and we have met some really nice people so we felt we should give something back by defending it. To compound this, Renee was 7 months pregnant at the time and is about ready to give birth

The Naked Truth Podcast aims to talk about all the things that are relevant to our business with the people who would'nt always get the chance to do so without being shouted down and cut off so if you want to have your say about anything and willing to do a podcast, get in touch with thenakedtruthpodcast@gmail.comalso follow @pornpanic and support Sex&Censorship as their campaign is beneficial to our business as well as the civil liberties of other sex workers

Episode #235: Bluebell & Steve

March 6th, 2014

Bluebell is all hands on dick for sexy Sunday afternoon fun

All I need to begin a great day driving to a shoot is a nice day with sunshine and my tunes in a car. Or maybe catch up on a podcast or two. What I remember about this day on my way to Brighton was how long it took to get to them for some event or other that was happening that day. Understandably I got to them later than planned but one thing you can rely on with me is that I will turn up and that is what I did at their home in Brighton.

I was really keen to shoot them because they were ideal in what we look for in couples. In many ways they are a normal couple, not modelly, good looking and natural  with it. They're a bit rock n roll with tattoos (all the rage these days). They have a child. Steves second family from what I gather. Doing porn is a bit of a departure to their everyday life and gives them a chance to do all the naughty porno things they might not get time to do everyday so I imaginethis is a bit of mischievous escapism for them too

Bluebell had the typical insecurities that women with body issues have…Yeah whats new there eh? The first thing I  found attractive about her was her personality, warm friendly and inviting and as the conversation warmed up I can tell she was a sexy person that probably leaned more to liking girls but wouldnt mind doing porn with other men if Steve let her. Steve is a typical bloke in that he doesnt mind Bluebell liking girls cos he gets to enjoy it, but his missus with other guys?…You just got to see the video to see how uneasy he was at the suggestion,  though he tries to  be open minded and fails  as Bluebell starts picking holes in his double standards and this is when we are in the zone of Real Couples.

Its this social interaction that reveeals a lot about them. Theyre in love, they get on they fight, they shag and this is truly wonderful stuff to film for my pornumentary. I always find that sex tells you a lot more about people than just their interactions together.

Steve admitted to liking her feet, not in a fetishistic way but as a part of the whole package. He also likes stockings and nice shiny black high heels, hence why she was wearing them. He wasnt fussed about the things she was insecure about. He is a real geezer in that way.

We spent some time talking before I set up and I told them they can start whenever they wanted and do whatever they wanted to do.

Dont act like porn stars.

Just be yourself.

I dont even mind the awkward starts beccause, lets face it, with a guy there like me filming it wasnt going to be normal was it? So kissing, fondling, teasing, nibbling and al that other stuff is a great way to start. Its like watching a scene unravel and build up to something intense.

The thing that is characteristic of these shoots is the casual banter that makes watching it a more satisfying experience than just watching peope fucking in itself. Not that I have any issue with that either but my point is, talk gives the sex more substance and adds something to the watchability of a scene as you get to know the people vicariously through watching.

When it gets going , thats what makes the build up so special. Real sex isnt perfect. its sometimes awkward. Carpet burns are all too common so for me this is what made their scene special.

Even when Steve shot his load on   her face it revealed they were in the porn way  but Im sure Steve, like  many guys  is into that too. Theres something quite horny about shooting all your joy juice over your partners lovely face. Its probably more explicit than a cream pie. Some seem to think this is degrading to women, I'm not so sure. I think if it feels right then go with it. Some women enjoy being degraded but lets not get the feminazis going on that eh? There sure is plenty of men ho like being degraded by women too. Where you at!?

Like some women I'm not too sure Bluebell was keen on it but then, like a some  women, they do things to please their men sexually than just for their own enjoyment but its not as if Steve doesnt let her enjoy the occasional bisexual dalliance with ladies she likes too.

Steve has some hist0ry in porn from 10 years before and came back into it to introduce Bluebell to the idea. She was his muse for photographs and videos and admitted to knowing of me for years and thought he'd give it a go  since I was filming couples. They enjoyed the experience so much they can't wait for us to do another one.

Maybe next time Steve can hang back and enjoy watching his lady with another woman before getting stuck in. That as they say is another shoot on the cards. I wonder who the lucky girl might be. We'll have to wait and see.

More porn than you can shake a dick at

February 28th, 2014

Some girls on Real Couples like Holly Kiss can be found on other sites in the network

When you sign up to Real Couples, you get a whole archive of  One Eyed Jacks videos, behind the scenes and other extras.

Fans of the reality and amateur porn genre will also get access to all the other sites on the network as well…and that is a lot of porn!!!! Knock yourself out to a whole load of british home grown, reality porn. You may even spot some of  your favourite ladies like Michelle Thorne, Sandie Caine, Chantelle Fox and more across the various sites by using the search engine and typing their name in for  the results and what sites and scenes they are  featured on. Theres all kinds of wildness going on from on eone one sex to gang bangs and bukkakes for some of the names mentioned.

If you want too make money from this site then you an also become an affiliate. Read all about this here.

All this for one sign up price!

If you're looking for additional supplemental material then we also feature the Real Couples podcasts which are taken directly from the scenes. In most cases the podcasts may be extended versions to the scenes that we didn't include  for pacing reasons. We try to keep the  chat to porn ratio balanced to keep you interested.

We work hard around here to keep your customer experience interesting so if you were thinking about signing up, then, what are you waiting for?…Sign up now and enjoy all this lovely jubbly reality porn today :-)

Episode #234: Holly Kiss, Simon & Sensi

February 12th, 2014

Holly Kiss puts on a hot show for her husband to watch and film

You might remember the last time Holly Kiss was on Real Couples. She chose Tony James to do the scene with for her husband Simon to watch and enjoy. I'm not sure whether Simon actually participates off camera but if he doesnt this is not unusual. There is a growing number of couples exploring their relationships and becoming more adventurous in this way and for any couples out there thinking about trying this should think very carefully before doing so because it requires a level of trust and communication between both partners and discussing it in depth first is a a good way of gauging each others reactions if it's worth doing at all.

If it goes wrong then don't blame me. Youve been warned. Don't forget we merely document couples who grant us access and consent to film this.

The rule you should observe entering into threesomes is this; if in any doubt whatsoever, then don't do it. Everyone experiences anxiety the first time you engage in this but if there is any sign of insecurity this usually means you are not ready to take the leap into the world of swinging and threesomes. Check out the podcast and listen to Jacki and Ollies account and you'll get some idea what I mean.

Holly and Simon have been together for a number of years already and he admits to enjoy watching his wife with other men and Im sure there are reasons that can be explained. One reason that makes good sense is that by watching your partner with another man can reinforce your perception of the power she has by how much she turns that man on that isnt you. On the other hand it can have connotations of cuckoldry. This is too complex to explain without going into it in depth. Maybe I'll discuss it in detail on a future podcast with a couple relevant to this situation.

Holly got in touch with me to do another shoot similar to the one with Tony but this time wanted a black guy She was specific about who she wanted too so I was sold on this immediately. Her first choice was a no no for me since the guy (who shall remain nameless) was a bit off with me, temperamental and probably wouldn't do it anyway. Thing is he might've done it if booked him but I try to keep my shoots problem free as much as I canand didnt want to go there in case issues between us interfered with the dynamics required of a good shoot. Her second option was a good one. I get on well with Sensi who has studded for me a number of times and has featured on the site several times over the years with his (then partner) Michelle.

We booked the day for the shoot and after a long while getting there it wasn't until the evening Sensi finally arrived. I'm easy going with this as I like my scenes natural and slow cooked rather than rushed and professional but I had to respect Holly and Simon were becoming agitated.

Once Sensi arrived we were all peachy keen to get on with the shoot and as I always start with stills this this was a good warm up to the scene and a good way of gauging how the scene was going to play out.

As you'll see from the behind the scenes footage the chemistry was nice and warm and Simon was great too. Sensi is used to performing with other men's partners while they watch whereas any man with less experience would find this intimidating.

Holly was all juicy and rearing to go after we did the stills and I gave Simon a spare camera to put to use while he watched so look out for this as a bonus update in the next few months.

We started the scene with Holly and Sensi smooching, something rarely seen  in regular porn but kissing does get you horny and is a more natural way to get a good scene out of performers. I've always found scenes where there was little to know kissing very hard work and ultimately frustratinging but it depends on the scene. Its like wnjoying a good meal and knowing something is missing that distracts you from fully enjoying it. Here it worked perfectly as they got into the scene and Simon eagerly filmed and watched through his camera. Today he was the producer and his wife was his porn star muse. Sensi unlike some black guys likes “to go south” of the border so to speak and eat pussy. Damn all those lying ass mofos who claim they don't . “Y'all be eatin' dat pussy like it was fried chicken and watermelon”!

This clearly got Sensi in the mood as Holly returned the favour by wanking his cock, complimenting him on his size and showing her appreciation by putting it in her mouth and tasting him,  swirling his flavour with delicate but firm tongue action before turning up the pressure with longer deeper sucks. Just watching this womans passion for sucking dick is a turn on and maybe why her husband likes to watch. After all he can experience it any time he wants being married to her.

It wasn't long before Sensi got her in position for a vigorous fucking in her pussy which must've delighted Simon hearing her whimpering and craving for each thrust.

The good thing about shooting for me is that I don't mind when couples take a break to bask in the glow of the moment and savour the experience, share a cigarette or even answer a phone call. Why rush it? To me that's what shooting reality porn is all about and I think we did some or all of the above before going into a heated, sweaty second round.

It was a slow burner of a scene but rewarding enough for it as Holly got his black cock erupting hard over her face and tits and Simon moved in to film her playing with it in her mouth. This bit was very much an indulgence on their part and was great to capture.

I'm hoping that when we left their home that night that Holly got a right seeing too. My only regret would be not having it filmed as a follow up to this scene. It's not unusual for couples I know to relive the scene by way of running commentary and cumming hard together. That's where living fantasies out together like this has its rewards in a loving relationship. Not that I think this would work for every couple but I can see how it would for Holly and Simon who chose Sensi because she was familiar with him from working before together. Who knows what suprise they might have in store for us next time? If indeed there is a next time. I'm pretty sure there will be.

You can check Holly out on a bukkake scene among other scenes which is in the same network as Real Couples so for the price of one you get all this, that and more. Arent we good to you or arent we good to you?

Valentines Day is almost upon us

February 9th, 2014

Every little penny counts? 7p wont get you much with this guys

Now fellas. I know we are all about the couples here on Real Couples but there is some advice I cant give you. I cant tell you how to treat your beloved. But I can advise on how not to treat them so unless your lady has a serious sense of humour bypass and you wanna get some of that good lady loving on Valentines night dont do the following

Cheap ass supermarket chocolates and cheap ass supermarket cards. Asda do one for 7p. 7p!!!! I think the going price for a smooch is 50p and thats an acceptable price for a cheeky peck, oh youre so cute and funny way…£10 might get a cheeky ball rub and a smile…but it depends on the girl.

But no matter what you do on Valentines Day, upon pain of death do not take Justin Timberlakes advice and get her a dick in a box. Im sure you have a lovely dick and theres nothing more that she could possibly want on the day but if you are looking to get some bedroom action an do the horizontal boogie then make like the Temptations and ….Treat her like a lay-deeee! Oooh -ooh oooh yeah

Have a great Valentines to all you lovers out there and dont forget to send us your naughty pics @realcouples We wanna see all those naughty selfies. We'll even retweet them :-)

Apologies in advance for the budget version of Dick in A Box but due to copyright reasons the original is not allowed to be embedded on blogs but in the spirit of keeping it real we owe it to these two chaps for making a version we can use.

If you want to see the original version then it can be seen here CLICK ME!

Real Couples Podcasts

January 24th, 2014


I've decided to include these podcasts as a standalone feature to the blog as a promotion to the scenes on the site they came from. If you like them then follow me for the latest updates. In most cases, the podcasts offer a chance to hear those chats in full that couldnt be used for the sake of pacing in the scenes as in some cases I've actually included the full interview as a video behind the scene extra in the members area.

These are the same scenes featured on the UK Porn Podcast show. The show  is hosted by Paul Taylor (whose alter ego and nomme de plume is Nerd Pervert) and Scarlet Grey  features news and views of the UK porn business by people who work in it so its well worth listening to and I will continue to support their show by prioritising the new podcast episodes there first.

If you want a bit more background to Jacki and Ollie from the day of the shoot then you can read a blog entry I made  after I shot them. Stay tuned, there's more to come or if you prefer you can listen to them within the shows by going to

Episode #233: Fetish Liza & Kinky Natasha

January 7th, 2014

A big dick on a man dressed as a chick?...The best of both worlds for Liza

 Come on fellas. Fess up. How many of you felt tempted to dress up as a woman and pretend you was a lesbian getting it on with your lady? I’m sure there are a few guys who have done this and while it might not be my bag I ain’t gonna knock the next guy who has gets a great kick from doing it.

Fetish Liza and Vincent as Naughty Natasha wouldnt be the first time we’ve explored this particular scenario and certainly not the last. Unlike most couples oriented sites we don’t limit ourselves to a specific genre of people. We embrace them all because we know what makes people interesting is to allow them to express themselves in the manner they are comfortable doing so.

Remember Rosa and Jamie? Remember Tori and Barneys group session with porn star Keira Pharrell and another couple?

It was me who insisted Vincent  do the cross dressing when I first found them on the internet via twitter. They are a couple from Hungary visiting the UK to do shoots with people and they were happening to stay with Heavens Angel and Neil when I agreed to shoot them at a location they were staying in Chippenham and an unfortunate eye problem on the ay nearly got in the way of the shoot happening but I manned up after visiting the hospital that day to drive all the way there with one dodgy eye. I warned them before because I didn’t want my leaky weepy eye to put them off from performing and the truth is I was mo worried about doing the stills with one good eye. In fact, my left eye is still hazy but I pride myself on never having to cancel a shoot unless I am bed ridden or dead as those are the only to excuses you should ever cancel for…well there are other good ones too but while I had one good eye working the show was still a go and legally I was still allowed to drive as well. Apparently you can with one good eye.

Initially I was planning on showcasing them as a behind the scenes shoot but their cameraman wasn’t too keen on being featured, so  if  you are wondering what the second cameraman was doing in that scene he is actually their friend who films them and puts them up in his home while they are over from Hungary.

Vincent wasn’t always open with his fetish. In fact, he was very much in the closet and how Liza found out made for interesting  story and had me thinking how much honesty accounts for being in a happy relationship. They definitely have a good understanding of each other and the fact they can work with other people means their relationship has a good grounding in trust and understanding. They have been married for years and Vincent is open about being  bi.

Liza herself has a particular fetish fpr wearing latex and how they met and how theyre relationship came to be is also interesting. Liza loves to be fucked by her husband wearing latex. The way she feels wearing it lends to the occasion. Anyone with a fetish usually knows that to experience it to a satisfactory level is not going to be a wham bam five minute quickie affair. It is sensuous and as all things are, it’s the build up that makes the pay off more interesting. I’m not sure I actually explored this as properly as I should have but it was still interesting. Its not about my being into it as it is an understanding of why people like it and just going with the flow. The result was good honest sexy fun

Episode #232: Chantelle Fox & Luke Hotrod

December 28th, 2013

Chantelle & Luke #goodtimes :-)

No prizes for guessing that by their names they are a couple who do porn. Mores to the point, they work in the sex business. Less obvious is how they met, though it could technically be said they met in the porn business but certainly not by doing it. I'll leave it to them to tell it as they do  on their scene.

It was well known that these two were a couple, living out of each others homes in Leicester and Newcastle. By the time we got together to do this shoot I ended up going much further than I would have liked driving for 4 hours to get to Newcastle. I had good weather, clear blue skies on my side and an ipod full of tunes and podcasts to ease the strain of a long trip, both there and back, so thats 8 hours in all. Thats a normal workday in itself.

How I got to do this shoot has a back end story in itself. Chantelle forgot she had been in touch to do a shoot many months before this…Maybe about a year before to do a shoot with another guy that was in the adult business. He was a great guy doing great things of his own which was precisely why I was reluctant to shoot them (…because I didnt want a great shoot! LOL -Ed! ED!! ED!!!) I had them down on my “to do” list and thought about giving them a few weeks because  I didnt want to shoot a couple that were having the same sex they could be seen on his site. I didnt want just a sex scene. When I'm filming I like to document all the things that make up their relationship together. Fun times, smiling, laughing, fighting and arguing if thats how they are. I  equate my approach with that of  a wild life film maker. If these two were animals on a BBC documentary (not that Im implying theyare animals by the way but IF) it would be  narrated by David Attenborough describing their mating ritual  in a matter of fact way but if you got a good looking couple  sucking and fucking, talking dirty and gushing all over the place its called porn! I dont shoot porn apparently. I shoot “adult lifestyle!” (Thanks to Heavens Angel and Neil for that)

When the word was out I was shooting Chantelle I was getting knowing looks and  nods of approval that she was going to be a good as she has a friendly personality and is easy to get on with and shines really well when she is having  sex with someone she likes and given that she was crazy about Luke at the time it was a given I was going to get a lively shoot. Its just a pity from the time this was shot that they are no longer together. Their breakup was as fiery as their passion  when they were in love. Some might say they both extremes are one and the same but that day in Newcastle was a great shoot with them having fun as I took silly pics of Luke wearing her knickers on his dick and wearing her bra as she took them off. They genuinely seemed  relaxed to my casual way of shooting as we had fun building up to the sex scene which they took away like a whirlwind.

Chantelle sucked his dick like she had a fire for it and Luke gave us a 101 class in how to suck pussy and the skills in licking it which had Chantelle climbing the walls gritting her teeth and face contorted in ecstacy as she grabbed fistfulls of the sofa biting her lip. This is the kind of thing we live for. It wasnt long before she was gushing and spraying across the room soaking the sofa so much she struggled to find a dry patch to sit in later when we had our on camera chat.

This is the bit that lays the foundation to them as a couple and its sad to think how a couple can be so compatible, sexually and personality wise can end up falling out so hard. Even their behind the scenes extra was lots of fun to do and that matched the scene in run time too with 20 minutes  cut out for pacing.

They had so much fun and made money doing not just their own videos but also private parties where people would come to watch  them have sex and most times not wank. They were probably so surprised to see them having sex they forgot to wank.. It was rather nice of Chantelle to offer me if I wanted to get my cock out and have a wank but alas, shooting movies doesnt afford me that luxury. I'm in work mode and politely declined explaining so but even then it makes you feel a bit strange because a rebuff could be taken as offence and influence the outcome of the video but thankfully we had done with the sex scene by this point.

By the time I was on the road heading back to London I was contented that this was a trip well worth the time and effort to get. I'm not familiar with their other work but I felt I got the best  I could have from Chantelle and this must rank as something special in anyones collection if they are a fan of her work.

I've heard negative comments about Luke Hotrod as a stud but to his defence, he didnt come into the porn business by choice. He was invited. I'm sure he was  bewildered  and had no frame of reference as to how it worked and

Luke Hotrod on the job breaking in a new female recruit

hence had not developed a porno personality and style yet . The professional side of the business is unrelenting in that it expects you to be professional, ie hard at all times and ready to shoot a heavy load. Most producers don't care about you liking the girl. Just do it! Its with this in mind I can understand his failings but my style is different. I allow both guys and girls to climatise to their situation and this pays off with much better results. Let people get turned on in their brains and the rest just follows naturally.

Luke worked so well for me on that shoot that he was the first stud of choice when I was commissioned by Sienna Day to do her first shoot to break her into the mindset of shooting porn. Luke took her porn cherry :-)

Luke did two scenes that day. One gentle, the other fuelled with more aggressive passion and both scenes with condoms on and he worked very well for me. He did with Sienna too who I can reveal is the mystery girl in this podcast from but sshh…Thats our secret, only because you took time to read this blog. You can go and impress your mates at the pub that you know who it was now :-)

If youre on twitter you can follow Chantelle @chantellefox and Luke on @lukehotrod1  if youre looking for a bloke to sort your missus out proper but dont get mad at him if he makes her cum alright. He's a porn stud and thats what they supposed do. Satisfaction guaranteed! No money back and no return!