Michelle Thornes new DVD: Pushing Boundaries

September 25th, 2014

Michelle Thorne in all the ways you've wanted to see her in one filthy collection

In case you missed it the first time out, the news hit that Michelle Thorne has finally given the fans their ultimate wish. To see her getting filthy in every which way with not just her man but with other men too. She gave us scenes of her first gang bang, interracial and double penetration on her own site.

Now those first time scenes are compiled onto one DVD and available as a must have collectors item exclusively through Your Choice who I can vouch for as a reliable mail order company operating for more than 20 years now. They were also the exclusive distributor for her other self produced DVD Michelle Thorne Exxxposed.

I was fortunate to bear witness to two of the shoots on this DVD when she asked me to  film her first DP with Stefan Hard and Ben Kelly and them boys showed no mercy on her pretty pussy and willing arse hole. I was the behind the scenes documentarist on her prison gang bang scene which I thought was every bit interesting as the actual scene itself as we see Michelle flitting around  looking pretty putting on her make up, joking with the boys and casual banter about all things as the boys hang around priming themselves to deal with a prime piece of porn real estate. Whatever came of that edit I have no idea. It may well be a behind the scenes edit they might update their site in future with but it offered a real behind the scenes of how these scenes come together

The fact that this DVD is compiled with the most sought after updates on her site is reason enough to own it. Get yours today.

Michelle Thorne Exxxposed

June 25th, 2014

Our latest update in the members area is a scene from Michelles site

If you love Michelle Thorne   you may be pleasantly surprised to know that she has been getting up to all sorts with different men on her site in recent months. It seems that doing this has been the source of much kerfuffle amongst fans on porn forums but I can say that I have seen it with my own eyes because I filmed for her on two of the occasions she did those scenes.

She's done interracial, a prison gang bang with three guys and two guy scenes in a variety of anal and double penetration combos. In fact, given the levels she did do you might be wondering what was left off the menu. As to the why now question on everyones mind the answer to that can be heard on the the special podcast I did on the day (see above) I shot Michelle and Stefan with Ben Kelly.

They agreed to do this podcast mainly to set the record straight about  the questions flying around on the net and I couldnt help but ask  why she did it for herself when she passed on a substantial sum to do it for a big UK company.

They admit on their  podcast  that theyve been up to all manner of naughtiness like this in their private lives for sometime  which is what interested me because I witnessed how jealous they can be  from  my last shoot with them.

What you are about to see on Michelles site is exclusive material you will not see anywhere which is why I understand she did a site for herself.

I was invited to shoot one of the scenes and another behind the scenes of the day she did a gang bang with 3 guys in a jail cell. To my mind this is a monumental occasion for Michelle Thorne fans.

Our latest update was given to me by Michelle  to promote her site given that it is a home made POV anal sex tape.  You can get this scene and a lot more at www.michellethorneexxxposed.com but don't forget you can see all her scenes since I've known her, right here including behind the scenes and extras

The site also features many of her sexy friends and has Michelle doing all sorts from role playing, fantasy, solo masturbation, lesbian, group sex, fetishes like smoking, fishnets, stockings, feet and plenty of  action involving Michelle getting hard cock  in all her beautiful holes. This site is the place to see her at her  filthiest best.

The home of Michelle Thornes exclusive content

House Wife Kelly

June 17th, 2014

One of many scenes from HouseWife Kellys site

I discovered House Wife Kelly  on twitter by her sexy pics and was excited when she sent me a DM wanting to be on Real Couples. I was disappointed and pleased in equal measure to find that she was based in the US which is a little outside of how far I'm prepared to travel getting  shoots done. However  I checked out her site and I was keen to showcase her sexy adventures  featured exclusively on her site  www.housewifekelly.com

She also has another newer site dedicated to her foot fetish exploits www.kellysfootfetish.com Both sites have preview trailers and an introductory video by Kelly Anderson herself

Her sites are like a shrine to this amazingly attractive woman with the hot swinger lifestyle and you can get a good look at this through her home made videos of which there is a large varied collection  well worth signing up for.

Check out Kellys Foot Fetish site

Her  videos range from solo masturbation, lesbian (Kelly is genuinely bi) and sex with her husbands friends or friends they met through the swingers lifestyle and the occasional group sex party with other guys and girls and even group girl on girl action. She has a huge following  on twitter. The videos are mostly filmed by her husband but occasionally she gets him in on the action too in  POV gonzo action. What really works is the variety of people who get involved so Kelly is not just the only woman you will see on her site. She is the main star though

What I loved about her videos is reality style in which they are made. She truly enjoys sex and probably gets turned on  being filmed and watched by  her husband behind the camera while she has sex with other men and women.

Kellys foot fetish site is exclusively about her feet in all variations of the fetish and she does have amazingly pretty feet. We've come to realise this is a very popular  since the internet exploded with niche sites outside of the norm and I'm sure the content here will not disappoint the most ardent fan of female feet.

We're hoping to have a sample scene from Kelly in our members area soon so look out for that but meanwhile go check her sites out  :-)





Episode #238: PussyKat & LK

June 5th, 2014

Whats the story? Morning horny!

This shoot was by and far the quickest  I've ever done. Dont get me wrong, doing shoots quickly isnt the order of the day on how I go about it. Why rush anything if you're having fun right? Unless you're really keen and I'm  guessing LK like ost blokes was a morning type of guy that wakes up with that aching hard boner wanting to bury it somewhere nice  In this case in his beautful wife, but more on that later.

I met PussyKat and LK when they came to the UK Adult Producers stand at The Venus Festival in Berlin in 2012.  This gorgeous petite figured woman was working up to solo and girl on girl only and while none of the other producers were interested because of that, I asked if she would do it with her boyfriend. With a big beaming smile on her face she said: “Of course!”  then explained they shoot for their own site and that couples work was rare, especially in France where they live.

It seems no one takes a girl serious  unless she is willing to perform with other men. I see no problem with a woman doing scenes with the man she chooses, especially if that partner is her real life one. I'd rather see a beautiful woman doing it with the man that turns her on than just doing  it for a job. If I wanted to see this kind of video then I would get those sex instruction videos for all the fake, breathy emotion they bring. So it came to be that PussyKat & LK were coming to the UK to do their own shoots that they  became the first couple I shot from meeting in Berlin and I have to say the shoot was probably the fastest I ever did in recent years. If ever. This was all without compromising the usual bolt ons that come with a scene these days.

The plan was for me to arrive at 8am on the Wednesday morning and complete the shoot and be out of the room by check out time at 11am but we were done by 9:30. I was scratching my head wondering if I got all the elements I needed to make this work and I had to admit to myself they were just really good at doing what they did. I was immediately drawn to them by the mere fact we do not have any vietnamese girls on the site. The closest I can think of is Luxi and she was from Thailand. What was really nice about them is that Pussy Kat gave me her own produced calendar as a parting gift as we left the hotel after the shoot which I thought was rather nice.

They were a really nice couple too. It occurred to me that the reason we got the shoot done so quickly in the morning was because thats the best time for  blokes sexually after a good nights rest. I'm sure Pussy Kats tight body, amazing petite bum and perky nipples with her exotic good looks had a big part to play in it too. This may also mark the first time we've had early morning glory sex on the site too.

So there you have it a few new Real Couples firsts for all you patrons with us keeping it real as we do. We do like to vary things and keep it interesting so I hope you like this update. Peace and love!

More than just a blog

April 29th, 2014

Venus 2012 from ukap admin on Vimeo.

Click on the image to go to the DVD store

Where can you get the password to play this video? Read on and all will be revealed.

We've made some new additions to the blog I want to make you aware of. In the wake of the UK Adult Awards 2013 video I wondered if people wanted to get hold of the videos that were up for awards so I included a DVD STORE page to showcase most of the DVDs and where you can get them. You can find these new addtional pages to your right in block capitals. Just click on it and it will take you to the content. Your Choice are a reputable company that have been operating for over 20 years so you can order in complete confidence that you will receive your orders within 2-3 days in discrete packaging sent within the UK. Click on the video cover and it will take you straight to the site where you can order. Its that simple

I've also included a free video page so you can have a glimpse BEHIND THE SCENES of some of the extras available inside the members area as bonus content. There seems to be some confusion I suspect mainly because all my scenes are reality based in style that it looks like behind the scenes. The difference being in the bonus content you get to see me at work talking to the couples and this is usually where I do the interviews and part of my technique in relaxing couples before the shoot  offers some insight into their personalities and relationship that a sex scene usually doesnt allow.

Another addition is LIFESTYLES & EVENTS. This is where you will find videos like the UK Adult Awards 2013 video and other videos of interest like the Venus Sex Fair which previous years, 2010 and 2011 have been available in the members area for some time already. This offers a sample of what is available in the members area in the way of bonus content.

We've got around to including the REAL COUPLES PODCASTS so you can easily listen to all the shows as we put them up by going straight to the page. Its in a nice little carousel that you can flip through and play the podcast you want to listen to. Special podcasts are recorded from events that are not exclusive to us. In the case of Michelle and Stefan Hard, this recording was done on a day I shot exclusively for Michelle Thornes website.

Whats all this for? Promotion! We believe Real Couples to be about the lifestyle and culture as well as the sex and we're opening up the blog to express this. Porn sites where couples are concerned have to be more than just porn to be interesting so if you know of any events and want to invite me to cover it then get in touch and let me know. I'm also keen to showcase couples lifestyles too. Again, if you are interested, then let me know

Episode#237: Antonia & Seth

April 22nd, 2014

Antonia & Seth share that good loving for all us mere mortals to enjoy

You can read my entry for this shoot here. What I remember most about this shoot apart from how lovely Antonia looked was how funny Seth was cracking jokes during the shoot on the day. Antonia could be described as a hot looking MILF but I would prefer to use the term cougar. Just seems she fits that word better given her womanly curves and fit looking  physique.

This shoot was particularly interesting for the fact I was granted the use of the apartment where it was shot by the owner who I dont usually have a good rapport with. Even though he did it  for them it was still nice of him knowing that it was me shooting them on the day so thanks for that if you happen to be reading this or informed of whichever the case may be.

The video went without a hitch. In fact it was a lot of fun to do because of Seths humour. He's also a big movie fan and we were exchanging dialogue from movies like Predator. He does an excellent south american female accent. A lot of  people don't see the fun that we can have behind a shoot on a good day but you can. In fact it makes for a better shoot as it creates a relaxed atmosphere and even though we had to be done by 5 so they could catch their coach back to Wales, we still managed to get all we did on the day done in time. I do remember Antonia giving Seth “the look” occasionally. You know that look  that says: “Pack it in we got a job to do” and a time to get it done in. You're more likely to spot this on the BTS (behind the scenes) clip that is now available in the members area.

Although I never get any direct feedback about this additional extra it seems they are being watched by the viewing stats. It seems BTS is all the rage now in an era when porn sites have to be more than just a porn site. In fact Ive often said the bts is more interesting in that it ads another dimension to the scenes in that they reveal a lot more that gives the sex scene some weight in terms of what their relationship is like.

I forgot to switch the camera off when I was shooting their scene so I got the same shoot with me in it filming in all positions, underneath, over, stretching and generally looking odd  which I will keep for those moments when people want to sit in on a porn shoot, Its just like being on the porn shoot but where you see the cameraman filming from all the different angles you see in the final edit.

Generally its not an easy request to do because most couples would feel really weird being sat and watched like they were in a doctors office being given marks out of 10…Unless the thought of what they were doing was turning the viewer on which is why when I did special reports like Sexcetera I had to choose couples carefully that wouldnt mind but then, it also changes the dynamic of a shoot depending on who agrees to do it.

Theres no hard and fast rules that apply to all in this game so to anyone who thinks that its just point and shoot will only realise its not always that when they end up with a crap shoot. Fun is a good start to a good shoot though.


The UKAP Awards 2013

April 8th, 2014


PASSWORD: yamamma247


The UKAP Awards took place last last November (2013) at Spearmint Rhino in Central London and had a lively  turn out given it was on a Monday rather than later in the week. Its relevance here is that I filmed and edited it. It didn't turn out bad considering I was called in late in the day and took it upon myself to film the event and thanks to Rio who volunteered to present it , the end result turned out better than I expected if you consider it was not even scripted, so the night was about as real as you could get impromptu.

Rio got fetish/ fashionista designer House Of Harlot to kindly donate the dress for the occasion hence why it got a screen credit. Being a member of UKAP I've often wondered why we didnt do more with the video of these events so here I am doing precisely that to see if it works. If you see some of the videos on here and want to buy them then you can do so via Your Choice. Just click this link to take you to my store store page and choose from a selection of films featured on the night.

Where was I when this girl was around???

You might have noticed that our Rio Lee has come leaps and bounds since her first foray into porn through Real Couples. Yep she debuted here on this very site and it took her another three years to decide on actually working for other companies and managed to avoid doing the very thing she did happily on her first video…Anal. I was curious to know why we were lucky to get this to which her response was, she didnt do porn for the money. She did it for fun. Thats not to say she didnt enjoy the studs she is seen with nowadays on some of her scenes done (mainly) overseas (and a few here for some companies).

Rio is definitely one of the jewels in our crown and we hope and wish to see the day she works that red carpet for the AVN which was her  motive to present the video on the night. She would have done the award presenting on stage too but that was already arranged by the organiser  already with Sarah Kelly and Sofia Rae.

I deliberately took a back seat by not submitting Real Couples for the award since I didnt win anything last year I took it as a hint that I'm a bit played out now and that should clear the way for new talent to shine since I've been doing it for over 10 years already and used to winning more than one award per event so I'm damned either way if I win as it looks like the event are favouring me because I'm a member of the association. Contrary to what some people think about these events, UKAP is the only award that is decided by judges on the merits of the product submitted rather than by the sponsors of the event, so to win a UKAP award was like being given the nod of approval and pat on the back of acceptance by ones peers rather than like buying your award to make it worth turning up on the night like some events I could mention….but wont

All in all it was a fun night  with fun people and this video should give you some insight to what its like at these events now UKAP has relaxed its policy to include the public. For years the girls threatened not to turn up because of  incidents with wandering hands and alcohol fuelled advances from men  who thought the girls were game on by virtue of being porn stars meaning, they must be bang up for  with anyone right? WRONG! Thats just the illusion stupid blokes have bought into.

That aside, the fans that turned out were largely decent and courteous if not a bit star struck on occasion to meet the stars of their wrist action fantasies in the flesh. Or maybe it had as much to do with the establishment we were at providing security.  If this one was pretty good we hope 2014 is better. If it looks like the same people always winning then that should be the benchmark for UK producers to aspire to be better than next year and to be fair ther has been a lot of upheaval facing the adult business that changed the landscape a bit but I wont ruin your fun going into it. Sit back and enjoy the video above and dont forget, if you see a DVD or few you like you can click on this link to take you straight to that page and you can buy them off site.

Episode 236: Noemy & Vinny

April 7th, 2014

Swingers and friends with benefits. Thats Noemy and Vinny here

For a new update to a site this scene was shot in 2012…Seems a while ago but thats how far ahead I was back then.  I was so busy juggling couples that I was ready to go if one scheduled for a shoot on the day blew me out as was the case this day that Noemy and Vinny were available at short notice. Now you might recognise the distinguished Mr Bones from earlier videos when he was with his (now ex) partner Donna who since split up (not amicably is about as much as I can let on) and he's been freewheeling ever since. He doesnt need to settle down having made plenty of friends  from the time him and Donna used to swing that he can have sex  at a moments notice as Noemy puts it, “they know each other” so she feels comfortable with him. Theres no emotional baggage just good  stress free sex but Vinny is a bit of a prankster and likes to have a little pop at Noemys  ex husband for being a couple inches short in the trouser department.

I'm sure Noemy winced in disapproval but it didnt get in the way of their fun and what they show is good friends having a good time  as it should be, casual  and guilt free. After they were done , Vinny had to high tail it back home to the north and left me feeling happy that I didnt come all this way to leave empty handed. Theres always a risk of that but with guys like Vinny and his swinger lifestyle you can bet if he did fail it would be for a darned good reason but check out their interaction in the scene, it was great. Just like a couple of buddies would be, constantly having a friendly pop at each others expense, casual friendly chat and Vinny decided he was going to get one back on me by turning the camera on me for a change and interviewing me. Yeah I just rolled with it but prepare top see me getting grilled for a change.

Better than being spit roasted :-)

Vinnys had a few swinging adventures on Real Couples in the past. Both times with Donna, once with Lady Josephine and another couple, Linda & Paul  for some wife swapping. Yes folks it really does go on and here you will see the real deal.

The Naked Truth Podcast

April 1st, 2014

I'm reckoning people are wondering what is going on with me getting involved with campaigns and doing things outside o Real Couples of late…But its all related I can assure you. I do feel I've become some kind of mad man on a sopabox and political activist doing all this but the truth is, it needs to be done.

There are forces at work within our own business that are working in direct conflict to my interests and external forces trying to stop us from enjoying adult activities like porn and other adult related services. You might have noticed this in the media with the anti porn contingent banging on about the protection of children, human trafficking and all kinds of dark things going on that is criminal and not to be confused with what you enjoy in the privacy of your home.

I want to make it clear at this point that there are producers like myself who dont disagree with protecting children from seeing pornogrpahy on the internet but the regulatory bodies that are trying to impose their will by charging us to be regulated and lobbying for legislation to criminalise for non compliance is a flawed model at best because regualtion does nothig to solve the problem when children do not ook at pay sites when they can just use search engines to find tube sites and file sharing to download, not just porn but many other age inappropriate content but yet these other options are left out the loop which I think needs addressing. I am of the school of thought that what is not broken does not need fixing. Parental controls have existed for a good fe years now and maybe the practical solution it so inform parents on how to use them and accept responsibility for how their children access the internet.

This new podcast show was born out of Sex & Censorships Demo against Stop Porn Culture, the event that took place between anti porn campaigner Gail Dines and OBJECT on Saturday March 15th which had a better than expected turn out with porn stars joining forces with other sex workers from strippers, to prostitutes to correct the anti porn propaganda demonising our business.

I shot the video of the event and bagged a few audio recordings to keep the momentum going beyond the day, then it occurred to me that on the run up to the event, a lot of the negative things said about our business was because a lot of people know nothing about the porn business. If they think the prerequisite to qualify getting into porn is to be abused, trafficked and mentally damaged from youth then hopefully these podcasts will shed some light in making people think of this business with more understanding s that we can engage in dialogue to result in more positive solutions than those presently levelled at us in the form of imposing charges to restrict our business while doing nothing about the problem at all.

The point of The Naked Truth Podcast is to explore, discuss and teach those who do not know about the sex business in that it will offer some insight and gain some understanding and tolerance towards the sex business and those who work in it.

Remaining silent on issues regarding the adult business where censorship and control is not a remedy to a problem that is becoming worse as various agents of government bodies and pressure groups use porn as a soft target to further their own questionable agendas.

I say soft target because, until Saturday March 15th the adult business would have remained quiet as Gail Dines and Stop Porn Culture dominated the media with their rhetoric and have the upper hand in influencing public opinion that the sex business is indeed this bad place that needs to be reigned in and controlled by being taxed and regulated by people who are doing nothing but making money for a service that does nothing for what it is charged to do: protecting children from accessing porn. My views is that resources are put to better use by educating the parents to using parental controls but this seems not to be enough by those who prefer to make a business by making money out of the adult business than do anything about the problem.

Of all the people I saw at the event it was nice to see Renee Richards who spearheaded the event more than anything. When got the call I was peachy keen to get involved but Renee had left the business since 2008 so when I asked of her motives and her explanation was similar to mine I took it upon myself to film the event. Renee believes as I do that the business has been good to us and we have met some really nice people so we felt we should give something back by defending it. To compound this, Renee was 7 months pregnant at the time and is about ready to give birth

The Naked Truth Podcast aims to talk about all the things that are relevant to our business with the people who would'nt always get the chance to do so without being shouted down and cut off so if you want to have your say about anything and willing to do a podcast, get in touch with thenakedtruthpodcast@gmail.comalso follow @pornpanic and support Sex&Censorship as their campaign is beneficial to our business as well as the civil liberties of other sex workers

Episode #235: Bluebell & Steve

March 6th, 2014

Bluebell is all hands on dick for sexy Sunday afternoon fun

All I need to begin a great day driving to a shoot is a nice day with sunshine and my tunes in a car. Or maybe catch up on a podcast or two. What I remember about this day on my way to Brighton was how long it took to get to them for some event or other that was happening that day. Understandably I got to them later than planned but one thing you can rely on with me is that I will turn up and that is what I did at their home in Brighton.

I was really keen to shoot them because they were ideal in what we look for in couples. In many ways they are a normal couple, not modelly, good looking and natural  with it. They're a bit rock n roll with tattoos (all the rage these days). They have a child. Steves second family from what I gather. Doing porn is a bit of a departure to their everyday life and gives them a chance to do all the naughty porno things they might not get time to do everyday so I imaginethis is a bit of mischievous escapism for them too

Bluebell had the typical insecurities that women with body issues have…Yeah whats new there eh? The first thing I  found attractive about her was her personality, warm friendly and inviting and as the conversation warmed up I can tell she was a sexy person that probably leaned more to liking girls but wouldnt mind doing porn with other men if Steve let her. Steve is a typical bloke in that he doesnt mind Bluebell liking girls cos he gets to enjoy it, but his missus with other guys?…You just got to see the video to see how uneasy he was at the suggestion,  though he tries to  be open minded and fails  as Bluebell starts picking holes in his double standards and this is when we are in the zone of Real Couples.

Its this social interaction that reveeals a lot about them. Theyre in love, they get on they fight, they shag and this is truly wonderful stuff to film for my pornumentary. I always find that sex tells you a lot more about people than just their interactions together.

Steve admitted to liking her feet, not in a fetishistic way but as a part of the whole package. He also likes stockings and nice shiny black high heels, hence why she was wearing them. He wasnt fussed about the things she was insecure about. He is a real geezer in that way.

We spent some time talking before I set up and I told them they can start whenever they wanted and do whatever they wanted to do.

Dont act like porn stars.

Just be yourself.

I dont even mind the awkward starts beccause, lets face it, with a guy there like me filming it wasnt going to be normal was it? So kissing, fondling, teasing, nibbling and al that other stuff is a great way to start. Its like watching a scene unravel and build up to something intense.

The thing that is characteristic of these shoots is the casual banter that makes watching it a more satisfying experience than just watching peope fucking in itself. Not that I have any issue with that either but my point is, talk gives the sex more substance and adds something to the watchability of a scene as you get to know the people vicariously through watching.

When it gets going , thats what makes the build up so special. Real sex isnt perfect. its sometimes awkward. Carpet burns are all too common so for me this is what made their scene special.

Even when Steve shot his load on   her face it revealed they were in the porn way  but Im sure Steve, like  many guys  is into that too. Theres something quite horny about shooting all your joy juice over your partners lovely face. Its probably more explicit than a cream pie. Some seem to think this is degrading to women, I'm not so sure. I think if it feels right then go with it. Some women enjoy being degraded but lets not get the feminazis going on that eh? There sure is plenty of men ho like being degraded by women too. Where you at!?

Like some women I'm not too sure Bluebell was keen on it but then, like a some  women, they do things to please their men sexually than just for their own enjoyment but its not as if Steve doesnt let her enjoy the occasional bisexual dalliance with ladies she likes too.

Steve has some hist0ry in porn from 10 years before and came back into it to introduce Bluebell to the idea. She was his muse for photographs and videos and admitted to knowing of me for years and thought he'd give it a go  since I was filming couples. They enjoyed the experience so much they can't wait for us to do another one.

Maybe next time Steve can hang back and enjoy watching his lady with another woman before getting stuck in. That as they say is another shoot on the cards. I wonder who the lucky girl might be. We'll have to wait and see.