Real Couples/ Naked Truth Guy on Charlotte Rose Talks Sex

July 28th, 2015

#rosetalkssex Mondays 9-11pm

Yours truly was on The Charlotte Rose Talks Sex Show last night which was a lot of fun. I'm mainly on the 2nd hour but don't listen to the show just to hear me on it. It's important to support these shows as a platform for pro sex advice, information and news  which is strange when you consider with all the censorship going on there's more explicit sex and violence than there ever has been but there has to be opposition to these naysayers or we will lose the right to enjoy freedoms of expression though art and entertainment and lifestyle choices.

If you want to get on the Charlotte Rose Show then follow her on twitter or get in touch with me. I was on the show a lot sooner than I expected and will be standing in for The Big Bob who is her regular wingman on the 7th September, so support the great lady herself and keep the heart beating for pro sex platforms like Charlotte Rose Talks Sex and call in, tweet and join in the fun. It's early days but this is the start of something new and refreshing for th adult scnene so get involved.


Crowd funding for Real Couples

July 21st, 2015

Click on the pic to CUM fund me!

Some people have asked when was the last time I shot a scene for Real Couples and if I'm ever going to shoot again when they see all the other things Ive been doing with the crusading and flag waving activism Ive been up to lately and most especially…

Have I got bored shooting porn?

Is you crazy or whut??? Bored shooting porn!? You have to be dead to be bored of sex, filmng it, watching it or doing it. In fact I think though my varied work in recent years shooting other things that Ive brought some new skills to the mix. I think I've got better at the filming and editing and the truth is I've missed it. I miss meeting new couples and socialising with them and getting great shoots that I know once ive left they're probably bang n it shagging each others brains out and on the mobile telling me I shouldve stuck around to film them again. Thats a good days shoot when you leave a couple feeling like that.

Truth is, part of that good feeling is actually paying couples for that they have done. Content sharing seems to be the thing to do these days and fellow producers tell me why I still pay over the odds for shoots compared to what is paid these days.

I'm old school like that. i came in to this business to make money and for a time, it was good but with the world changing to all the free porn on the tubes it wasnt long before the business mmodel changed and soon wasnt aking enough money to pay out what couples were used to me paying so here I am if you want me, if you like what I do then donate something to the fund.

I dont beleive in getting something and giving nothing so what I am offering is this: $10 gets you access to download the scene and stills exclusively for free $20 gets you access to the new scene and stills as well as one months free access to the Real Couples website.

I have no idea where this will go but the world is changing and one has to move with the times and embrace the changes tat comes wth it so here goes. Over to you. Plese give generously. If this woks out I'll be shooting new scenes on a regular basis. i have no shortage of couples wanting to be filmed but they all want paying. I cant say I blame them? Why would you be filmed, doing it for free for all to see?

Click on the pic above to go to the site and donate and lets see where this goes…Hats off for you kind sirs and ladies. Want to see me dance a jig? Thats $30 please :-)

Charlotte Rose Talks Sex

July 17th, 2015


Heres something that should tick the boxes for most couples to listen to on a Monday night. Charlotte Rose hosts a sex positive radio show that is fun, plays cool music and doesnt make you feel bad about liking sex and reviews sex toys for the boys and girls and has cool guests like Cheryl Smith talking about Sexhibition. Charlotte might sound familiar to you from reading this blog. Look back a few entries and you'll see she is the lady that instigated the face sitting protest outside parliament last December and here she is with her own radio show.

Her show started last week and if you want to get involved while the show is live via twitter and email then listen in at every Monday from 9 to 11pm

You can follow her on twitter @_Charlie_rose


Couples who do porn

July 11th, 2015

Satin Bloom & Cage met in the adult business and have been married for years

It might come as a surprise to regular normal folk (what we in the world of porn refer to as civilians) that there is a growing number of real couples who work with each other doing porn. Sometimes at the exclusion of others and sometimes  with the inclusion of others. Real Couples is based on this premise, despite criticism from some that couples who do porn are some how less real than those that do it on an amateur basis.

What does that even mean these days when civilians are  just as surgically and cosmetically enhanced as hard core porn stars? What does it mean to perform professionally? I've seen couples who never did porn before turn out scenes to rival those who do it for a living and we got them right here on Real Couples too!

Its fair to assume that the relationship dynamic of couples is based on solid foundations of trust and communication, the two most important elements that make for a long term relationship.

If you look past the traditionally accepted notion of what a relationship is supposed to be, you will see (or at least I have observed) just how a healthy sex life is important to the longevity of a relationship and many of the couples I have filmed over the years have proved what I have observed and shared here with you on this blog.

Now I'm seeing podcasts from couples, swingers and hot wife lifestyles coming up left right and centre. Swinging is a big thing now nore than ever with the likes of dating apps like Tinder and all the while I cant help but think that people like myself who have

Tammie was a porn star who found a civilian boyfriend and got married to him

filmed porn are an integral part of this modern thinking. Or is it the other way round? For a while I felt I was documenting the way things were in society and while I don't believe all couples adopt this modern swinging approach to relationships I will admit that the kind of couples that I have featured on this site reflected the kind of group that are most likely to do porn. Why not? Its the new rock n roll thing of mischief to do but many seem to play it safe that doing it with your partner isnt really porn. Tulisa Constavlos and Paris Hilton anyone?

Sometimes its hard to seperate porno people from real everyday life folk because essentially that is what they are beyond the colourful stage names, big boob jobs and pumped lips they have adopted to have some semblance of a normal life away from porn. Unless you believe people who do porn spend all their days having sex like porn stars doing nothing else like the laundry, washing the car and walking the dog like regular folks do

On the flip side, working exclusively with your partner can also limit your work with producers who dont always like working with couples because they dont want to work with a woman who has sex with only her man. Real porn stars fuck all kinds of guys and girls. So if couples just rely on being in the adult

US couple Childhood sweethearts who turned their video collection into a website

business as their main source of income they will have to be flexible when shooting for companies which is why platforms like Adult Work and Clips4Sale have become very popular as a one stop shop for couples to sell items, pictures, create and innteract and build a fan base, upload videos and do webcam shows.

You could say porn has gone mainstream even if it hasnt got the mainstream acceptance we'd like. Try setting up a bank account and telling your bank manager what you do for a living and you will understand the reason why you have to be creative with how you describe what you do for a living.

That said, not many couples give that much thought beyond the present to the future if their relationship was to end. What is the agreement in place for such an eventuality? Shut the account down and dump everything or continue to be partners at the risk of upsetting future partners knowing there is content of a highy intimate nature of yourself still available on the internet for people like your friends and family to view despite trying to move on with your life?

These are the kind of things I refer to when I discuss with fellow colleagues in the business, the difference between a job and a way of life and how porn inevitably becomes your life once you are in it. There seems to be a bit more acceptance if you are a married couple it seems. Like its an escape from the norm thing to do but the best thing about couples doing porn is that it colours their sex lives with something interesting that keeps their relationship interesting, so when it comes to having a quicky in the morning and a peck on the cheek it is ok because it hasnt become the norm when you have an alter ego lifestyle to fall back on.

Michelle & Stefan create content exclusively for their site and enjoy the lifestyle too

If there was a practical reason behind the decision to work with your partner then it wasnt just about love and trust but by working with your partner greatly reduces the

risk of STDs which are an occupational hazard and a main reason for porn stars leaving the business suddenly and unannounced.

The choice to do porn is a lot easier when both partners have met in the business but it seems the biggest killer of any relationship is jealousy. You can act like its work all

you like but the reality to those who are new to the business is quite different to seeing their partner at work intimately involved with another person. Occasionally you get a couple who are equally matched in getting their freak on and in that honesty these couples are the most fun to work with but on the other side of this, a couple who are not sure about what they are doing , dogged by difficulties performing with each other, very seldom last if the chemistry between them is not there or imbalanced in favour of one more than the other. It has been said to me in the past that it is quite difficult working with your partner because real feelings are involved

Theres no hard and fast rules other than good manners, respect and understanding in working with couples and one can see why producers do not prefer this if given the

Fancy couples? Theres plenty on line on any given moment

choice for fear of couples bringing a days shoot to a halt with personal domestic issues. There are exceptional cases when working with couples are considered. For instance both are very good looking but even then this can get you so far before the work dries up

Every couple on Real Couples brings an interesting dynamic to their scene and this is perhaps why people who dont know, think couples porn is boring. On the contrary they are more interesting because they bring the reality of themselves into the scene and like everyone has their own fingerprint, this is the heart of what keeps Real Couples interesting when the go off to other sites and do porn its like a different experience adding to the fantasy that keeps their love alive…Or so I would like to believe.

Check out a selection of our podcast shows


Watching the above video reminds me that there are people that seem to think that sex between loving couples end once they start a family. Not so. The above video shows the modern attitude towards sex and most definitely the making money from it does not denigrate the act of making love between couples. Most of us prefer fucking because the idea of loving just takes the hard edge off porn and makes it too nicey nicey to wank off too, if the model majority of porns end users are anything to go by. Its this crowd that the few bad boy entrepreneurs of porns hey day made their porn for the discernig cllector looking for something harde, edgier, that pushed the envelope that precipotated the baclash of censorship we soo dont enjoy today with regulations and law changes aplenty.

If anything, the rse of couples doing porn to make ends meet should say something about the way the system has reduced people to considering it as a vable option, as well as the technology having facilitated this and the internet playing a big part in changing the world we live in.

I know plenty couples who do this for money. I'm sure there was one that got pregnant on my shoot (but lets not go there) Could you imagine your mum and dad doing this? (shudder) but the truth is, this will become so normalised by everyone doing it that no one will think that much about it by the time the next generation grow into adults. If you stop to think about it, it isnt that bad. If anything it will change our perceptions on how we see sex and relationships and its too soon to say if it will be for the worse but freedom of information comes at a price. It just depends if we can afford to move with it or regress backwards and be against it.

My personal take on it all is if we're all busy fucking then we're spending less time warring and that has to be a good thing.

Who wants to attend a sexy party and porn shoot next weekend?

June 7th, 2015


Saturday 13th June from 10.30pm

You are invited to be on the VIP guest list for an exclusive erotic themed party hosted by London's favourite playboy, Lord Edward Davenport. Watch Gazzman film an adult scene for his latest Playboy TV film as the guests bump to the rhythm of a late night after party at an exlusive penthouse address near Bond St. in central London. Dress code is smart dark suit or preferably dinner suit and for the camera shy we will issue masks to give an “Eyes Wide Shut” theme to proceedings. Confirmed stars attending include Lexi Lowe, Sam Bentley, Sienna Day & more! Bring a Government issued photo id so we can photograph you with it held up against your face to provide an ID shot that proves your age. You will also need to sign a release form as we will be filming the whole event. So remember: smart evening dress only, sign a release & no ID means no entry, no exceptions!
There will be a limited free bar forearly birds. Don't miss this months hottest ticket – register now to avoid disappointment as numbers are strictly limited.

Address will be supplied on the day.

RSVP to with your real name (and stage name) and contact number as strictly guest list only

Thanks BBD on behalf of Gazzman

Q&A: Is Everyone At It Now? (Home made sex tapes)

April 19th, 2015

I reckon there are more people making sex tapes now than any other time in history. The age of the selfie and the wide variety of technology has normalised people wanting to see themselves and others engaged in sex.

Nothing endorses the home made/ amateur porn movie  than the celebrity sex tape. Even theyre at it, from Katie Price to Kim Kardashan, Paris Hilton and more but what makes me suspicious as a producer for the best part of 20 years is…How do they legally put it online without consent?

Since I came into the “”porn business”, the signed model release was drummed into me as an important aspect to get right more if you were going to sell it. The wording was iron clad in its clarity and in the producers favour for the  sole purpose of selling it. When I see headlines such as sex tapes stolen and the fact it can be traced back to the uploader has me wondering if the victims were  complicit for financial or exposure motives or  people really have no idea of the legal infrastructure in place putting adult content on line. Those in the trade will know this as 2257. Being inviolation of this has cost sites like Girls Gone Wild milions of dollars in fines

It does feel like we (in the frontline of defence of the adult business in the absence of those unaware of whats going on or dont care) have taken up the baton from the previous sexual revolution to wage war on a new platform.


Now with censorship and regulation coming down heavily in the UK and the laws passed saying all content online has to be legally compliant to R18 standards it does make you wonder what people get up to on their own sex tapes without being aware of where they stand legally with it if they sell it online with the various platforms available to them or evn if they have set up a website as a couple like House Wife Kelly

If you are interested in the adult business and want to know whats going on with how the business works from the people who are in it then I have set up  The Naked Truth Podcast especially for this but if you are angry about being told what you can and can't do sexually with your consenting partner (s) if you make your own video available online in the UK then you should sign up to Sex and Censorship

What does all this  mean for the future? Well, it might sound far fetched at this point but with ATVOD regulating websites in the UK  and issuing stiff fines to sites that failed to notify  closing down without contesting the fines, I share  the prediction that in the next two years that the average person (that means me and you) making a  website, no matter the subject, will have to pay to be licensed and regulated by ATVOD in the same way you already pay the BBC for a license t watch its channels.

It literally means anyone with video content on their site will be regulated in the same way  the BBFC issues licenses that have too be paid for to sell DVD and Blu Ray but in this case, its limited to media online. Thats why the law pu tinto effect in Decemmber 2014 is called the  Audio Visual Media Services Regulation also known as AVMS Regulations. Remember that face sitting protest at parliament in December 2014? If you saw past the antics which was used to draw attention tothe protest and listened to the speakers you'll know were I'm going with this

As for the tube sites, there are plans to block those who fail to implement age verification for age sensitive content which might  make webmasters in the UK happy  for “levelling the playing field” but it is an illusion as all this means is all business will go off shore. Why would anyone want to give their credit card details to  admit to watching porn if they dont have to jump through these hoops with sites based overseas?

It would be interesting to see how this will impact on YouTube owned by the mighty Google who have outrightly refused to comply with ATVOD  as did the Press but if in theory tube sites in the UK have to legally comply then it would mean they would become chargeable because age verification is going to cost the company or the user. Either way you can bet Gogle will get its money back on either option

So if making money from your amateur produced videos is a concern to you and the new laws are an infringement of your civil liberties the question you have to ask yourself is: What are you going to do about it?

Worth thinking about before you put your videos online. Or in the case of the headlines above, someone else does

Housewife Kelly & Shawn podcast

April 12th, 2015

Click pic or links to go to the site

Massive thanks to House Wife Kelly and Shawn for doing this special edition podcast. They owed me nothing to do it but were only to happy to oblige me.

The reason I engaged them was for sheer practicality. I first saw Kellys sexy pics on Twitter and when I found out she was in the US realised I wasnt ging to shoot them anytime soon but decided to showcase their adventures  and brought it home here by way of this podcast. After all, it seems there are more sexy couples like Kelly and Shawn filming their own swinging adventures as platforms like Adult Work and Clips4Sale  makes this opportunity accesible to them so in a way, this couple are very much sign of the times in that they are working exclusively for themselves and can pick and choose who they want to work for.

Its not as if she hasnt had offers but she explains her reasons on the podcast.

What does this mean for the future of Real Couples? I'm not sure yet but one thing I  have accepted since the day I started shooting this series is that the present business model was not going to last forever as technology came down in price and the age of the selfie was on the rise it was only fair the porn landscape was going to change accordingly. The plumeting cost of technology democratised the porn business and there seems to be more people in all levels of it now than there ever has been.

Click the pic or links to visit the site

It really feels like everyone is at it now. Even girls who just webcam are in denial of being in the porn business but they are whether they choose to admit it or not.

Kelly sure is a good looking woman though and she has two sites that showcase her adventures. House Wife Kelly is her main site featuring her swinging adventure wifestyle videos and pics with swinger  encounters with guys and girls as filmed and joined in by her husband Shawn. Her other site is KellysFoot Fetish and if you listen to the podcast we talk about them as a couple , their sites and sexy adventures . Their sites have been around since 2006 and how it all came about was from a collection of videos Shawn amassed from the moment he got his first video camera. Listen to the podcast and enjoy.


Follow the sexy home made swinger video adventures of House Wife Kelly

Episode #238 : Nicole & Dan

March 17th, 2015

Press play to listen to podcast. Click pic or links to take you to the scene on site.

Nicole stars wth her fella to make him a porn star


I did this shoot about 3 weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon as a favour to Nicole and Dan because he enquired about getting into the porn business with a company that was going to charge him. This company that shall remain unnamed hasnt got the best track record given the amount of complaints levelled at them on a fan based website. What I offered was a chance for Dan to do a video as proof of his ability and this he chose to do with his long term partner, Nicole. To be fair, I would charge too because I wouldnt want to incur the expense of paying a girl if the guy couldnt do the job and nor would I pay if they could because that kind of shoot is not within the scope of what i do here ar Real Couples.

Dans long term girlfriend agreed to do the video with him not just to help him out but you can bet deep down it meant something to her to be the first to take his porn star cherry. As it turns out she is totally cool with him doing porn with other girls because I asked her.

Now most of you watching this will feel their motive for doing this is just for the money but that is not a good enough reason for doing it. If its just about the money I can guarantee you will FAIL! 100 per cent! Even if you managed to get through the audition I can guarantee your career will not last long beyond you gettng bored with it real quickly or simply disillusioned by it all.

I've been around this business long enough to know from experience. You still need to interact with the person you are performing with and if there is no chemistry whatsoever then what you are left with is a cold soulless fuck. If there is nothing to be had out of that then in your mind you're thinking about the money but your heart and head are not into what you are doing and you will FAIL!

That is where most guys fail.

I've seen guys succeed with girls who werent interested in them smply because they loved fucking and thats the key to a potentially good performer:You have to love fucking. It's not about being in love with the person you are doing porn with. That in tself can kill a peroformance if it means you are doing it out of “love” because it involves emotions that cause people to be confused by what they are doing.

That said, Nicole and Dans relationship has an interesting dynamic in that they have the trust and communication. How long this will last depends on how she feels as he gets on with it. Its a complicated business where emotions are concerned but very simple in what the act is in and of itself.

I could write a long essay outlining the various ways ths could blow out sideways and very few examples in how it could enhace their relationship beyond financial benefit and voyeurism but who am I to tell two grown adults who have been together over 7 years already with a child what to do.

I've seen how this can end for Corinna and Andy but yet, the strength of their relationship has endured this hurdle and they are still together years later. A similar situation with them was when Corinna filmed her man Andy fucking porn star girls like Suzie Best he was blind to the fact she didnt care and when a woman tells you she doesnt care thats an alarm bell to problems you need to pay attention to.

There are no guarantees Dan will be a great asset to the business beyond this video with his partner. It is easier or can be harder to work with your partner on a video. My faith in Dan being a reiable performer is based on a few things. He is European and has less of the mental baggage that comes with us British folks getting naked on screen and the other is, as he puts it, “on the rock scene” as a drummer and is used to getting naked and to add to that, he also has the personality to be reliable because (to quote a saying): “A hard on has no conscience” I don't think Dan wold waste time questioning the stuff that makes most people falter at the first hurdle and thats as good a reference I can give at this point.

If youre a producer looking for new talent then give the man a go. Just get in touch with me by email or on twitter

Special Interest Cinema

March 5th, 2015

Whats all this about you ask? A bit odd I know but why do what everyone else is doing with blogs when you can be a bit different…Well not too different. the movies selected will reflect the adult nature of what we are about hence the special interest.

We're not going to suggest movies you can find elsewhere as in on TV or rentals on NetFlix. We've got a special page for this new feature too if you want to check it out for other movies. I'll keep my eyes open for any other relvant titles of interest.

All you have to do is check out this page and pay for the movie you want to watch and BAM! You can start watching right away and click on expand if you want to watch in full screen on your TV or monitor. Enjoy

Does Your Man Prefer Porn To You?

January 31st, 2015


I had a flash answer to the people that got in touch with me to do Why Men Use Porn documentary above : “To wank! What else do you need porn for?! Send me the checque and see ya later” Laughs aside, the programme was a lot more deeper than that. Well that was the intention anyway. Or to put it in a relationship context: Why Does Your Partner Prefer Porn To You?

The fact he is still with you must indicate he still loves you and doesnt want to lose you for  sincere or selfish reasons. Only you can determine that from his actions if you are brutally honest with yourself . Especially if you are the bread winner and he is dependent on that, but telling women to cut these guys loose is like telling a crack addict to jack the crack in. It's not that simple but sticking to what I do know assuming you both still care for each other (and you know this by the things they do) then what it tells me is that something is lacking in your relationship.

I single guys out for this because I have never heard of a woman yet who has been addicted to porn who couldnt get someone in to sort her out.

Porn doesnt judge the end user. That pretty girl bent over spreading her herself available to you to use as you wish has no idea who you, the end user is. You bought her in a magazine or DVD and she is yours! All yours!

That's ok for temporary relief but its not ever going to be more rewarding than that. Even if you got to met the girl you might not even be her type and heaven forfend you do, you will not impress upon her how hard she made you come from being an admirer of her work. You still need the feel of real flesh, a living breathing woman that wants you. Some reciprocation.Some feeling. If you don't then you simply shouldn't be in a relationship if all she exists for is to look after your needs. The two most important elements of a relationship is trust and commmunication so if you are so dependent on porn then you should be open enough to discuss this with your partner.

If your partner doesnt like to get freaky  like the porn you enjoy she will either understand this is your  thing and let you get on with it or even better, you can enjoy it together but I aint met a woman yet that lets things go like this  so if this is an issue then it needs addressing. Fast!

Some men I've noticed blame it on the porn for ruining their lives without considering the blame is due to something they are missing in their own lives. Couples have richer relationships if they are honest about their feelings and even respect each others fantasies which is what works for couples who play with people they bring into their relationships but if you are dependent on porn most of the time and can't talk to your partner about it then this might be whats wrong with your relationship. Don't blame it on the porn!

Just don't watch porn while you are doing it because women are not stupid. No woman wants to compete with what you are watching even if you can happily enjoy doing it if she watches something that gets her going.

Trust and communication hath understanding. If this is not in place then your relationship is in serious trouble

NOTE: These views are my own and should not be misconstrued as professional or expert advice